received 12.04

Check out the comp. E.P.,
"Shock and Oar", featuring
a T.H.M.A. track:

Intimate Soul-Piercing Sound

T.H.M.A. is Helen Storer, Dave Hillis and Dave Krusen. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Helen, is the former bassist for Fluffy and Jack off Jill and has toured worldwide with bands like the Sex Pistols, Marilyn Manson and Foo Fighters. Dave Hillis, guitars and keyboards, is also a record producer best known for his work with grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. Drummer, Dave Krusen, previously played with Pearl Jam.

Their debut full-length, 'Shaping the Invisible', promises to be an essential item in the collections of all discerning music lovers. The CD features Hellen's hypnotic vocals layered over droning, feedback drenched guitar music producing utterly mesmerizing and blissful sounds. It's reminiscent of the psychedelic wall of sound approach of bands like the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth or some Jesus and Mary Chain – sans their darker, harsher edges.

Any of these comparisons can only tell a small part of the experience of T.H.M.A. Their sound is quite exquisitely unique! Hellen’s vocals are bold, but somewhat detached. Her enigmatic lyrics add to the otherworldly feel and create a perfect ambient backdrop for any number of activities.

Rehash Records is scheduled to re-release Thee Heavenly Music Association's full-length in March, 2005, which will include a bonus track.


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