Wagner's War
received 07.05

Blood and Guts Music

One of the FASTEST Guitar Shredders of All time!

Put equal parts of Wendy O. Williams and a Stradivarius in a blender and you get The Great Kat. She's been called the "High Priestess of Shred" and Guitar One magazine ranked her one of the "Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time" and The Great Kat wants you to submit to her vows.

Classically trained on piano and violin since the age of 5, The Great Kat won a full scholarship and graduated with honors from the Julliard School of Music. As a classical artist, she went on to tour internationally, performed as a soloist at Carnegie Hall and won the Artists' International Competition.

She has become world-renowned for her brazen attitude and eerily sexy wild-woman personae. She is an incredibly intense musician, a bold woman and can outplay just about ANY guitar player on the PLANET. We find it beautifully ironic that the music Kat draws from is several hundred years old, from the "Neoclassical" phase. She builds her meticulous shred-classic adaptations of Wagner, Vivaldi, Sarasate, Liszt, Bazzini, Bach, Beethoven and Rossini by arranging original scores NOTE BY NOTE into computer software to rearrange the works for guitar. Kat first works out the arrangement on violin sometimes needing a full 12 hour day to master one minute of music.

She combines shredding violin with unbelievably extreme ripping guitar playing. Her quest to globalize "Shred/Classical" music is a calling she takes seriously and pursues with outrageous abandon. The Great Kat prefers to think of herself as "...a maniac, and a god, and a messiah, all rolled into one." As you watch her hands fly deftly across the frets, you’ll have no reason to doubt her.


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