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Cat in a
Dress Records

Your Favorite New Indie Rock Band

From Brooklyn, NY, Jeannie Fry, Elisa Flynn, Ken Bowers, Lynnea Villanova and Josh VanDyck formed as The Happy Ending in early 2002. Each of the bandmates came to the project with different experiences, and of special interest to our Church of Girl friends, Jeannie was a founding member of the first all-girl punk rock band in Connecticut – Bad Hair! She was also a member of seminal rock band, Bad Dream House (who were later signed to Rockville Records). With Bad Dream House, she toured the US and played with other bands like Bikini Kill, Fugazi, Blonde Redhead and Shudder to Think.

Their first self-titled EP was recorded in the Summer of 2004 in Brooklyn, NY, and released on their own label, Cat in a Dress Records. The song, 'Grip', written by Jeannie, is about two strangers dying side by side in a hospital room, the degree to which we control our own reality – and letting go to enjoy the ride. The last note Jeannie sings in that song was not manipulated or altered in any way – it’s captured reality - and amazing. The song was chosen by NPR’s All Songs Considered program earlier this year.

Without a doubt, Jeannie’s voice is compelling, and the music is like an intense and complicated dream that you keep trying to get back into. The EP is a fantastic first release and each song stands on its own. The Happy Ending’s brand of indie rock ranges from haunting melodies to happy pop hooks. One of our favorite EP’s of the year to date.


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