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The Meat Joy

The Meat Joy is a female-fronted quartet from Washington D.C. Sometimes described as art-punk, the band has a unique sound clearly informed by a diverse set of works. Their albums are a roller coaster ride of mood, tempo, and volume.

The band is working on a new CD and given what we heard on their debut CD and on "Between the Devil and the Deep" (recorded with Steve Albini & Robert Poss) we anticipate something fantastic!

The lineup of the band will change on this new release. Heather, who was the main songwriter and bassist on previous releases, will be the lead vocalist and play bass on the upcoming release. Todd, who was also a guitarist back in the day, started drumming halfway in to the sessions for "Between the Devil and the Deep" and will continue drumming. Rob is still there on guitar, and a new guitarist, Brian, has joined the band.

This diversity prompted someone to say “Meat Joy…metal head cases or sweet sweet stew?” You will have to decide for yrself.


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