My Power Punk Dreams Came True!

The Randies are a lovely quartet from Southern California who are taking over the scene with a unique feminine twist. Their debut album "At the Friendship Motor Inn," invokes memories of girl rock and punk icons from the Runaways to Blondie to the Muffs.

Sienna Degovia (lead vocals, bass), Laura Cataldo (guitars, backing vocals), Megan McCarter (guitars, backing vocals) and Kelly Cairns (drums) make fun, energetic powerpunk. They create catchy songs with great harmonies over powerful drum and guitar work. The vocal interplay between Sienna, Laura and Megan is captivating – and we hear they're even more energetic live!

And don't let their beauty fool you! The Randies have built their brand of girl punk on a solid foundation of vocal prowess, solid musicianship and patently delightful self-confidence.


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