Demo 2
received 06.05



Sexy London Quintet

The Schla La Las are five girls, four guitars two drumsticks and one fanciful sense of style.  Together for just over a year, these glamour punks are mesmerizing the London scene with their exciting spectacle of all-girl, all-action, art-punk.  They are reported to have an infectious charm and sense of fun which quickly spreads throughout the crowd.  Their songs are so good; they have people humming for weeks. As a result, they have received radio play in London including a nod from Rob da Bank at Radio 1.

Every one of the Schla La Las is lovely.  They wear matching outfits like white dresses with monographed handbags or maybe fifties-style sundresses in black-and-white floral print.  But don’t let their attention to the frill fool you - they’re ace musicians, too.  Like some kind of obscure supergroup, The Schla La Las have a surplus of talent more than enough to write a wide range of cool pop songs and deliver them with raw and effective playing.  In doing so, the ladies capture the street-corner DIY vocal essence of those early girl groups which they so admire.  The three song EP Demo 2 was too short – we wanted to hear more.

We’ll keep you posted on what comes next for these fine ladies.

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