Self-titled EP
received 08.05

*PHOTO: Greg Henry*

Bad Girl Stains

A smear of lipstick after a huge kiss!! The Smears are Collette Hutton (Drums), Natalie Caulton (Bass), and Emma O’Niell (Guitar/Vox) from Nottingham UK. They have been together since 2003 and have created a buzz for themselves in the midlands. The trio recently helped to organize the Eastrogen Extravaganza, a lineup of all-girl bands from the East Midlands, playing venues in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

Their unique blend of punk and grunge, sounds like Alice in Chains meets PJ Harvey. Deep layered bass lines and freight-train guitars intertwine with drum beats that tremble like earthquakes. Onstage, the three women are thundering, primal, coarse and totally self-possessed as if to say “Get over it!”

The Smears ( UK) are influenced by art and sensation – “great movies, books, moving works of art, GOOD female musicians, [their] own stubbornness, [their] experiences”. The ladies have a strong DIY ethic and firmly believe great things are made by “people who have worked at their craft much more than those who are manufactured”.


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