Suicidal Birds
Versus Life
November 2008 Radio Star

Tocado Records

Treacherously Playful

The Suicidal Birds are the girl duo of Jessie (vocals/guitar) and Chay (vocals/bass guitar).  They live in the Northern province Friesland in the Netherlands.

Armed with out-dated amps, self-made pedals, drum machine, guitar, bass guitar, and their powerful voices, Suicidal Birds create raw, intense and in-your face rock with a punk lining.  Their music is edgy, unapologetic and full of angsty energy.

The Suicidal Birds first release, Z-List (2005) earned the band a good deal of radio attention, and in 2005 were invited to do a studio-session for BBC Radio One (the follow-up to the John Peel program), and their strong reputation for great live shows earned them two invitations by Dinosaur Jr. to support tours in Holland and Belgium. 

The band just released their new CD, Spend Your Life in Serious Misery on January 7th, 2009 and will be touring Europe later this year.


By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
Published 11 . January . 2009