Von Iva
received 07.05



Von Iva is Jillian Iva, Elizabeth Davis, Becky Kupersmith and Lay Lay von Guthier. Truly a force of nature – Von Iva fuses coarse soul, rockin’ disco and new wave pop into a sound clearly contemporary and completely their own. Like Chicks on Speed, they don’t need guitars – only Jillian’s throaty soul-shouting, Bex's bawdy keyboard organ hooks, the weighty groove of Elizabeth Davis-Simpson's bass, and Lay Lay’s rousing disco beats.

In the short time they've been playing together, Von Iva has toured through Los Angeles and New York, sharing the stage with Gravy Train!!!!, The Raveonettes, I Am Spoonbender, Metric, Death by Doll and The Hiss. Von Iva always rocks the house with unexpected aplomb – one their goals is to do "a fun show that people will walk away from and not soon forget". They succeed beautifully, projecting inner confidence and playful sexuality so delicious and decadent all you want to do is dance and make dirty, dirty love.

With the confidence they exude, and their soulful, honest approach to writing lyrics, which deal with love, sex, and relationships, it’s no surprise a large portion of Von Iva’s audience is girls and women. And then of course there’s the strong, foxy female vocalist whose pipes can hold their own with Beth Ditto and Karen O…maybe even Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner. What’s not to like?


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