Fuses & Torpedos
February 2008 Radio Stars


Portray Their Instincts

We Float is an all-girl, queer punk rock band out of Los Angeles, California. The most recent project of addicted 2 fiction's founding members, Aisha (baxx/vox) and Hellskiss (guitar & vox) are joined by watts (drums) in thier new band.

Their 2007 release is strong, brooding, and nothing less than direct as the band explores the darker edges of our human condition.

Fuses & Torpedos has received a lot of attention to date - with songs featured in a documentary and the song 'Drama Shakes' was  featured on the popular video gaming TV show, X-Play!

Last we heard, the band was going back to the studio to record a full-length CD. We can't wait to hear what's up from them later in 2009.

By Mary Ann Naylor + Church of Girl
Published 11 . January . 2009