received 09.04

Fornicate With the Hours of Your Life

XOXOXO are Rachel Taylor (vocals), Ben Funke (Syth, Sequencer, Bass), and Zack Funke (Synth). They are based out of Tempe AZ, where the three are finishing up their degrees at ASU. (Rachel will get her degree in Women's Studies).

When we contacted XOXOXO, Rachel told us that Riot Grrrl music has always been one of her favorite topics to explore. Indeed, the songs on their self-titled EP (written by Rachel) are explorations of the complex topics like the consumption of products (and how those products become representations of self) or femininity as a type of social power replete with rewards.

Their sound invokes images of dark and innocent sexuality; at once sweet, soft, critical and kinetic. Rachel layers her breathy and alluring vocals over the innovative synthesizer and guitar work of the equally sexy Funke (pronounced “funky”) brothers, Ben and Zack.

XOXOXO promises the release of a new demo CD in the coming weeks. We are eager to hear the latest thoughts, sounds and expressions from these “audiolicious™” musicians.


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